Volunteer at Fermilab!

Weekly Opportunities

Join Fermilab staff and Fermilab Natural Areas volunteers as they work to restore prairies, oak savannas and woodlands. Come and learn about your local ecology!

Weekly projects are seasonal.  Seeds from native plants are collected from mid-May through November.  Other activities include spring seed spreading, summer invasive weed control, fall seed processing, mixing and spreading, and winter invasive brush clearing. We need your help to increase biodiversity and rare habitat quality!

Link to Calendar of Events

Meet in the Lederman Science Center parking lot at the start of the workday. We ask that you dress for the weather, wear sturdy shoes and persons under 18 are accompanied by an adult or have written permission. Tools and safety equipment provided. No experience necessary.


The Fermilab Natural Areas volunteer stewardship program offers you the chance to adopt a habitat area. This is a rewarding opportunity to do good work and to experience the recovery of nature, thanks to your efforts. An FNA steward can work on invasive species removal, basic plant and wildlife surveys, hosting workdays for their site, and native planting and seed spreading.

Consider joining this fun group of stewards and friends. Email FNA for details.

Wildlife Monitoring

Fermilab Natural Areas offers volunteers the opportunity to monitor different types of wildlife. Your monitoring efforts help Fermilab staff better understand the presence and abundance of wildlife, including many secretive and rare species.

Ask about becoming a wildlife monitor at Fermilab. Email FNA for details.

Fermilab Prairie Project – Autumn Seed Harvests

Twice each fall, the Roads & Grounds Department and Fermilab Natural Areas organize a public, volunteer seed harvest. This has become very popular with Fermilab neighbors, including families, school groups, and scout packs! Typically, these harvests are held in October and November. If you would like to attend, please see the flyer for dates and details.

To be put on our email mailing list, send us a message or call 630-840-3303.  Groups larger than 20 people are encouraged to email or call in advance to let us know which harvest you will be attending.

Arbor Day at Fermilab

Since 1969, Fermilab has celebrated Arbor Day. Employees and the public are encouraged to come out and plant a native tree or shrub in chosen habitat areas across the site!  Fermilab plans this event in cooperation with FNA, typically held the first Wednesday in May. Enjoy a free hot dog lunch afterwards.  Inquire here if you have questions.