ELM Committee

The Fermilab Ecological Land Management (ELM) Committee is a Directorate-approved, chartered organization. The purpose is to provide sound ecological advice to the laboratory and an ELM plan to deliver recommendations on land management to Fermilab.

The ELM Committee is made up of Fermilab employees and consulting members including land managers, biologists and experts from other federal agencies, state and county government, not-for-profits and private companies.

The Fermilab ELM plan addresses Department of Energy requirements to manage federal lands as valued national resources and provides input for work plans that are to be carried out by the Roads and Grounds Department as an integral part of their task of managing the grounds of the laboratory.


The ELM Committee has a number of other roles and responsibilities including:

  • ELM Committee Chair presents biannual updates to the Laboratory director at ESH&Q Committee meetings.
  • ELM Chair is liaison on Fermilab Sustainability Management Team.
  • Provide ecological expertise in NEPA environmental reviews.
  • Contribute to annual Report to the Director on the Fermilab Environment.
  • Present ELM information to Fermilab Senior Management Team.
  • Update relevant sections of Fermilab Campus Master Plan to integrate ecology matters into large-scale campus planning.
  • Give input for the Fermilab Environmental Management System chapters, specifically FESHM 8010.
  • Maintain and update a map of ecologically sensitive areas used by Fermilab engineers, project planners, and operations staff.
  • Review FESS Engineering Comment & Compliance projects.
  • Partake in the Fermilab Surface Water Management Program.
  • Guide National Environmental Research Park (NERP) program research projects.
  • Host the ELM Winter Speaker Series, which brings ecosystem scientists, land managers and experts to Fermilab to present information on relevant subject matter.