Nature and Ecology

Fermilab is a mosaic of land uses and habitats ranging from agriculture and office buildings to buttonbush swamps and bur oak savannas. We treasure the natural areas interwoven into the 6,800-acre site.


About Fermilab’s Ecology

Fermilab has a long and proud history of land management based on ecological science and stewardship values that enhance the environment.


Conservation work at Fermilab supports global initiatives such as climate change adaptation and enhancement of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Habitat Communities

The land within the boundaries of Fermilab is a microcosm of many ecosystems and land uses found in the Midwest.

Wildlife Conservation

From ospreys and green snakes to bats and bumblebees, Fermilab has a role to play in wildlife conservation and management. Adaptive management for species of conservation concern is necessary and valued at Fermilab.

Volunteer and Recreation

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of people both in and outside the lab, Fermilab is a 6,800-acre ecological jewel that is enjoyed by employees and neighbors. Come on out for a visit or join us during a volunteer day!