Ecological Land Management Committee

The laboratory director created the Ecological Land Management Committee (ELM) to oversee and make recommendations to facilitate the restoration of the available tracts of land. One of the responsibilities of the Committee is to create a road map for the prairie restoration effort. This plan is intended to fulfill that responsibility.

The ELM Committee’s Long Range Management Plan provides long range plans for managing the available areas of the Laboratory site according to principles of ecosystem management and restoration. The planning process recognizes the value of and seeks to build upon the many different habitats present on the Fermilab site. Thus, the available area is divided into tracts, whose boundaries recognize the rich habitat diversity, e.g., uplands, woodlands, and wetlands.

The ELM Committee, oversees the land use and land management activities at Fermilab. The committee is made up of volunteers that cover many different areas of environmental and ecological expertise. These committee members come not only from Fermilab, but from local organizations such as Forest Preserve Districts.

The committee meets on the first Thursday of each month in Wilson Hall. Restoration activities, habitat management, and land use issues, among other environmental topics, are discussed. Recommendations for land use and management are made to Fermilab’s Director.

Stay tuned. The 2017-2020 Fermilab Ecological Land Management Plan will be made available soon.